Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Section 37 -- Roll Over Structure

Build Hours Added Since Last Post:  22.0 (est.)

I skipped Section 36, which has the builder install the elevator and aileron push-rods, in favor of finishing out the air frame's structure.  Section 37 is the last section of the forward fuselage sub-kit.  Woohoo!  Of course there are a few items in addition to Section 36 that I need to go back to, but it's quite amazing how fast this kit seemed to go together.

Here's a shot of the roll over bar being match drilled.  I used as many clecos as possible to ensure an aligned fit.

With the structure riveted, I painted it black and then secured it to the main fuselage for match drilling.

After match drilling, I needed to remove the roll over bar and brace to clean up the holes.  Then it was time to reinstall and rivet them in place.  This final section was an easy weekend project.  I cannot believe how light and solid this piece is.  Although, I am reminded that it certainly should be strong for its purpose!

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