Monday, April 6, 2015

Section 35 -- Upper Forward Fuselage

Build Hours Added Since Last Post:  36.0 (est.)

I finished the upper forward fuselage a couple of weeks ago, but I am just now reporting on it here.  That's the way it goes when airplane building, life, and blogging converge.  I would say that Section 35 is the last big build section of the forward fuselage sub-kit.  I admit it, I do a lousy job of accurately keeping time records.  Most of the time, I have a general idea, but half way through this section I flat out stopped marking times.  Oh well, no matter how much or little time I spend working on the project, the bottom line is that it takes what it takes.

As I started pulling the remaining parts from the shelves, I started with the bare parts and bits and had the same impression.  Namely, how do these flimsy parts come together to make something so strong?  Well, by the time I was finished installing the structure, I was again amazed at how strong it became!

Some of the parts had already been prepped for this Section when I had some pieces anodized.  Below, you can see the canopy decks (as well as the roll over assembly brace used in Section 37).  Like I said before, I think the anodized pieces will add some nice "pop" to the build.

The first order of business is to construct the main structure.  Below is a shot of the structure fixed to the forward section of the fuselage.  Keen followers might notice that my primer color has changed.  After the end of the large structural components were done, I ran dry of the Akzo Nobel epoxy primer.  Knowing that I would not use another two gallons, I opted to finish out the kit using SEM's rattle can primer.  Admittedly, it's nowhere near as good as the epoxy primer, but I think it will work well enough.  I also decided to paint the pieces that will be visible when the canopy is open.  Black seemed like the natural choice for me.

Here, I needed to match drill the cowling attach piano hinge.

It was time to use the aileron bell crank template to match drill the canopy release pin system.

Here's the anodized wiring channel.

The canopy anodized decks are in place.

With the forward upper fuselage done, it was time for a well-earned break.

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