Thursday, February 19, 2015

Section 31 - Fuel Lines

Build Hours Added Since Last Post:  5.5

Section 31 ushers in a diversion from the build process to date; i.e., with the main structure built (albeit,  some additional structure is yet to come), the build moves into the systems installations.  Case in point, the fuselage's fuel lines.

The fuel system for the IO-390 is a single line system with no returns.  That means that each tank has one fuel line running from the respective wing's fuel tank to the fuselage where they connect to a selector valve.  Simple enough.  The fuselage kit comes complete with the aluminum hard lines, connectors, selector valve, fuel filter, and boost pump.  It's the builders job to take an eight foot coil of aluminum tubing and bend selected lengths into the fuel lines.  Easy enough, right?

I thought so.  So, I bought the tubing bender from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool and set to work.  Well, my first attempt was not so good and it meant that I would need to order new tubing if I wanted to get it right.  Instead, I contacted Steve at Aircraft Specialty to secure a set of fuel lines prefabbed in his shop.  The bonus here is that he saw fit to use flexible line between the boost pump and firewall; thus, removing the possibility of a line break from a hard landing or other "incident."

I received the lines in short order and within about 30 minutes, I had them all installed.  Not only did it save a tremendous amount of frustration, but it also means that these precious lines were not "amateur" fabricated by me!

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