Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Aft Fuselage Attach -- Section 30

Build Hours Added Since Last Post: 22.5

What a difference a section makes!  For the first time since commencing the build nearly two years ago, two sub-kits met.  The tail cone / empennage finally met the forward fuselage.  I'd like to say that it came together like that scene in 2001:  A Space Odyssey when the two spaceships doc.  In the movie, it's a slow and delicate scene.  While it was not all that difficult to join the two ends of the RV-14, it was no where near the ballet-like dance of the spaceships.

As directed, I lined the two ends up, tilted the tail cone upward, and pushed it forward until it was more or less positioned.  At that point, it was a matter of cleco-ing a few holes in the bottoms.

It's looking good!

Once I had the bottom positioned and fixed, I was able to continue the rest of the joining.

I used every 3/32 cleco in my arsenal.

After that, it was a simple matter of riveting the two ends.  It took a little contortionist maneuvering at times, but with the help of my good neighbor, it was together in no time!

In the down time while waiting to get to the riveting, I put my time to some good use and prepared a few parts used in future sections for a special project.  I will reveal all in due time.

With my new tube bender (never thought I'd own one of those), I'm already to install those fuel lines!

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