Thursday, January 1, 2015

Section 28 -- Forward Fuselage Lower Structure

Build Hours Added Since Last Post: 20.5

The posts just keep coming!  I guess this is evidence that my momentum has maintained well to this point.  Section 28 continues work with the firewall by attaching the lower forward fuselage section and muffler shroud in anticipation of joining the two forward sections in Section 29.

Here are the parts all ready for assembly.

It starts by getting everything positioned, dimpling the bottom forward skins, etc.

Below, you can see the muffler shroud, fuel pump brackets, and fuel selector bracket.

The second-to-last part of this section mounts the battery box.  I had heeded the warnings of other builders and not dimpled the firewall as required in the plans, but not exactly clear.  Since the battery box requires flush rivets, it needs to be counter-sunk.  No problem!  Well, at least for the sides, but the bottom row had me stumped.  I couldn't get straight access to the bottom row.  So I ended up turning each countersink by hand.  Thankfully, there were only five holes.

I can already see that by the time I am finished with the next section, the parts inventory will be dwindling.  Yippee!