Friday, August 29, 2014

Forward Fuselage Kit Ordered

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Yesterday I ordered the third kit in the RV-14A series.  While I don't have an exact estimated delivery date yet, I suspect that it won't be until sometime mid-November.  So, I guess I have a couple more months to fill my time.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Idle Time -- Bridger Ridge Run 2014

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What does one do while airplane building is on hold waiting for the forward fuselage kit to be released?  Well, I can't say what others do, but I decided this was the year to take on a challenge I have long considered by running the Bridger Ridge Run outside Bozeman, Montana.  It's considered one of the most technical trail races in the United States.  It's nearly 20 miles of trail ranging in elevation from roughly 4,500' to nearly 9,700' (and a lot of up and down in between).  While this year's winner conquered it in 3:28, I managed it in a much more modest 6:45.  It was one hell of an experience!

Here's a shot of the racers getting ready.  There were 251 contenders this year.

Yours truly with nervous anticipation before the race.

The first part of the race leading up to Sacagawea Peak.

A good shot of what laid ahead leaving Sacagawea Peak.

Looking from Saddle Peak back towards Ross and Sacagawea Peaks.

On the way to Bridger Bowl.

Leaving Bridger Bowl ski area boundary with an ominous warning!

I shot this picture after the decent from Mount Baldy.

It was an amazing experience and with the right amount of courage, I think I'll do it again.  But thankfully, the forward fuselage kit was released for order from the factory.  Up next, more airplane building!