Thursday, May 15, 2014

Section 12 -- Empennage Fairings (complete--mostly)

Build Hours Added Since Last Post: 36.5

At this point in the build, it is impossible to finish the last section of the empennage.  Specifically, the fiberglass empennage fairing that provides a seamless transition from the tail cone to the vertical stabilizer to the horizontal stabilizer is not included in this kit; rather, it is included with the finish kit.  But as of this date, neither the forward fuselage nor the finish kit are available.  Nevertheless, there are plenty of other items to work on in Section 12.  For this section, my time has been spent trimming, forming, and attaching the fiberglass tip fairings.

Unfortunately for you and my records, I neglected to snap any pictures during the process.  This is primarily due to the fact that fiberglass work is messy, dusty, and generally unpleasant.

With most of the kit completed, I have found myself puttering around.  I tested the rear LED position light and trim actuation using a simple 9-volt battery.  Thankfully, the light and the trim servo worked flawlessly.  Whew!  While I wait for the forward fuselage, I plan to spend my idle time prepping the fiberglass for paint.  As I was told, if you can work on the fiberglass little-by-little, it's much easier than waiting until the end to do it all at once.