Sunday, March 23, 2014

Section 9 -- Elevators

Build Hours Added Since Last Post: 40.75

It's been over a month since I last posted an update.  As you can see from the hours above, I have not exactly sat idle during that time.  However, I must admit that the there were times--especially during the first half of Section 9--that my motivation was weak.  The elevators seemed liked one of the most tedious sections primarily due, I think, to the numerous small parts and complex structure.  Fortunately, for me, the elevators are complete; unfortunately for you, I did not snap many pictures during this Section.

Here is a picture of the initial fitting of the components.

Below, I used the C-frame to back-rivet the counterbalances.  I use the C-frame to back-rivet as much as possible.  It's an incredibly easy way to set perfect rivets.

The shot below shows the forward spar.

Fast forward to see the left elevator riveted together.  I used the counterbalance lead weights to hold down the aft trailing edge while the adhesive cured on the foam wedges (inside and not visible).

In order to fit the lead counterweights into the counter balances, the manual instructs you to trim the counterweights.  Much to my surprise, these lead counterweights were not as easy to trim as I had anticipated.  Because it's so soft, lead is not easily cut by the same means used for aluminum.  I tried several methods before using a five-in-one and a hammer to cut through the lead blocks like a butter knife.  It worked surprisingly well and I simply finished the blocks with a file.

Finally, the elevators are complete!

Next up is the tail cone.