Monday, December 16, 2013

Section 20 -- Ailerons

Build Hours Added Since Last Post: 31.0

The natural progression after the flaps is to move onto the ailerons.  I decided not to deviate from this and I started the ailerons about two weeks ago.  While they took some time to complete because most of the time is invested in preparation, I think the most stressful part of the ailerons was the same as the flaps--namely, riveting the trailing edges.  The flaps seems to turn out pretty good, if you ask me.  Working off of that confidence, I tried my hand at the aileron trailing edges.  The results were not quite as good as the flaps, but overall, I'm happy with the results.

It all started with "dry" fitting the leading edges and match drilling the counterweights.

A significant amount of time was spent on the skin stiffeners.  Here, they are shown riveted to the skins.  The stiffeners come in sticks of four and required an inordinate amount of time to trim, shape, debur, and prime.

Then it's on to riveting the top skins to the leading edge and spar assembly.

Without ribs that run perpendicular to the spar, the skins have a tendency to flex more than the flaps.  Here, I cleco clamped a piece of wood to keep them straight while riveting the skins to the leading edge / spar assembly.

After the bottom skins were riveted to the spar assembly, it was time to rivet the main ribs together using blind rivets (pop rivets) and the trailing edges using the back-riveting method.

In order to keep them as safe as possible, I mounted the ailerons as soon as they were done.  Whew!

With Section 20 completed, it was time for a well-earned beer to reflect on the build so far.

BUT, I can't get too comfortable yet, the tail kit just arrived!