Friday, October 25, 2013

Section 18 -- The Bottom Wing Skins

Build Hours Added Since Last Post: 14.0

In my last post I finished installation of the pitot tube, which was the final item to piece together prior to complete closure of the wings.  Since that time I have focused on preparing the bottom skins for installation.  Just as with the top skins, there were several steps to the process--final drill, debur, file down the leading edge of where the skins meet at the lap joint, dimple, prime, etc.

Dimpling the skins

Visitors are a common experience these days.
Here's the ADHRS mount.

After the skins and ADHRS were primed and ready to rivet onto the wings, I started with the short skin on the left wing.  As you might imagine, it can be tough going when the inside of the wings are slowly closed.  It's akin to not painting yourself into a corner.  In this case, I'll need to be careful not to close up the wings in the wrong order.

Let the closing begin!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pitot Tube

Build Hours Added Since Last Post: 15.0

Ignore the fact that it's been the better part of two months since my last post.  After a hiccup in production, I'm back on track.  If you're not building an RV, you probably don't know that the RV-14 plans instruct the builder to fabricate a pitot tube from supplied aluminum tubing and a plastic tube.  I decided to deviate from the plans here and purchase a Dynon heated pitot tube with angle of attack built into it.

The kit includes the pitot tube and control module.  I also needed to acquire a pitot mount, which you can see next to the control module above.
I started by determining the best place to mount the pitot.  Naturally, the best place seemed to be where the plans called for the Van's version.

Next, the control module needs to be mounted.  I chose to mount it near where the pitot tube will live.

The Dynon uses two lines, one for the airspeed and one for the AOA.

Above, you'll see the lines all plumbed and the wiring secured.

Here it is!  Next on the agenda are the bottom skins.  Yippee