Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Section 17 -- Wiring

Build Hours Added Since Last Post:  10.5

Ok, so you can see from the hours spent since my last post that I have slowed way down over the last month.  What can I say other than that I've been rather busy with other things?  Nevertheless, I completed Section 17, which is probably the easiest section to date.  Thanks to Van's modular wiring in the RV-14, everything was already included and sized to fit the first time.

In addition to the wiring, Section 17 also includes instructions to fabricate a pitot tube.  While I am sure that the home made pitot tube would work just fine, I decided to upgrade this component by purchasing a Dynon heated pitot tube with AOA built in.  It requires some extra modification by placing the controller box and mounting the pitot support mount, but I think this upgrade will be well worth the extra cost and time.