Saturday, July 6, 2013

Section 16 -- the Fuel Tanks -- Is Complete!

Build Hours Added Since Last Post:  13.25

Anyone that happens to follow this blog will easily see that it's been nearly a month since the last post.  While postings have been slow as of late, that doesn't mean that progress has stalled too.  The fuel tanks were not the most enjoyable part of this project so far--in fact, they were my least favorite component--however, I'm happy to have the experience along with the confidence of knowing exactly how they go together and work.

Just before the rear baffles were installed, I wanted to reassure myself that the tanks held fluid.  What better way to do that than to fill them with a garden hose.  As it turns out, the left tank had a small leak that I almost certainly would not have caught until the official leak test.  In this case, it was MUCH easier to fix it with the rear baffle off.

Here's a shot of the left tank's rear baffle being riveted to the tank.

 Leak testing--a success!

 After the tanks were finished, I mounted them to the wing spars and now the wings are starting to look like, well, a wing!

My brother does the official test for stability.

Between riveting the tanks and leak testing, how does one pass the time for the pro seal to cure?  Well, I ...

saw a vineyard,

went to a parade,

and watched a baseball game.

With the fuel tanks done--whew!--it's on to Section 17 and the wiring.  I can't tell you how relieved I am to be at this point.