Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Section 16 -- The Fuel Tanks -- Still Continuing

Build Hours Added Since Last Post:  11.5

It's been a few weeks since my last post, but rest easy knowing that progress continues--albeit somewhat slowly.

I'd be a liar if I told you that working on the fuel tanks is an absolute joy.  Although it's not as bad as some folks have said, it certainly is my least favorite part of the entire project to date.  Working with the sealant makes progress crawl along.

In the interest of checking my work before installing the rear baffle and effectively sealing off any easy access to the interior of the fuel tanks, I conducted a water test.  That is, I filled each tank with a garden hose as full as possible.  I know that it's not a fool-proof way of checking, but it did reveal a small leak at the leading edge of the left tank.  The right tank, thankfully, passed with no issue.  Believe me, it was a lot easier to fix the leak in the left tank before installing the rear baffle.

But, before the rear baffling goes on, the fuel floats need to be configured for the tanks.  In the case of the RV-14, the fuel float kit comes as a straight metal wire that needs to be bent to fit within the confines of the tank.  The picture below shows the final configuration.

The next two pictures show the fuel float dry-fit into the tank.  Final install occurs after installation of the rear baffle.

With the fuel floats configured, I installed the rear baffle on the right tank.  There's some finishing left to do on the right tank's rear baffle, but per the instructions, I must wait until the sealant has cured.  What a mess!