Monday, February 25, 2013

Finishing up the Workshop (and the Wing Kit has Arrived!)

I think you would agree that the workshop is coming together nicely.  Since my last posting, we punched out four of the six items on the list (finished the siding, installed the windows, the trim and batten are in place, and the barn door is built and hung).  I've also hired an electrician to wire the shop--hopefully in the next week.

Other than the electrical and staining, there are a few other miscellaneous items to finish up, but all in all we've come a long way in six weeks.

Just as the first phase of this project winds down, the airplane building phase is just beginning.  I picked up the wing kit from the good folks at Vans last week.  The crates are sitting on the shop floor itching to be opened and inventoried.  Thankfully, Vans gives their builders 30 days to complete inventory and notify them of any discrepancies.  I have a feeling that I'll need all that time this go around.

With any luck, my next post will be about airplane building!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting the Workshop Together

Welcome to my first post.  Well, what's more fitting for my first post than to describe the preparation of my workshop?  That's how most of these blog/builder's logs begin, and mine won't be any different.  Perhaps the only difference may be that instead of showing you a few snapshots of a before and after of a garage, I need to BUILD my workshop from scratch.  As it were, most homes in the PNW built in the 1950s era do not have basements and if they were lucky enough to have a car port or garage, they were quickly converted to living space.  Unfortunately, my house is not the exception to this rule.  Luckily, we happen to have a huge lot--at least when compared to most others in our neighborhood.  The third of an acre that our house occupies is a great asset in this case.  The 30-degree slope that makes up much of it, however, creates its own challenges.  It's nothing that can't be overcome, but it takes extra effort and a willingness to incorporate some creative planning.

Location of the future workshop (pier blocks in place).
I started the foundation work in November 2012 and was able to get the foundation and floor built by the end of the month.

Fern inspects the work done so far.
Then, in January 2013, we continued the project and made quick progress with the structure.

First wall up!

Three walls up and one to go.

Rafters in place.

The roof is up with a tarp protecting it until the roofing is installed.
As of today, the roofing is installed.

Left to finish:
(1) finish the siding;
(2) install windows;
(3) batten and trim pieces;
(4) build and install the barn door;
(5) electrical; and
(6) stain the exterior